Health and Wellness Coach, Dorothy

Hi I'm Dorothy, Health Coach!

Helping people create physical and emotional wellness in their lives is my passion.


Before I could help others, I had to walk that road towards wellness myself.  

Since I was overweight, learning about diets, fad diets, calorie counts and nutrients appealed to me.  Fad diets are not long term diets. Now when I look at food, I see nutrient content, I see antioxidant cellular-regeneration properties, I see anti-inflammatory qualities.  I do not count calories and believe in intuitive eating.  I believe in everyone I meet, and in helping you to see the potential within you. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone and everyone can change.

I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer (since 2005).   I'm also an ACE Certified Health Coach (since March, 2015). Obtaining an accredited certification by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) demonstrates the highest standard of competence for a coaching professional and provides assurance to you that I have mastered the foundational principles necessary to empower people to positive, long-term, healthy change.  I am a certified Therapeutic Yoga Specialist.

Besides my personal experience of a divorce, menopause and osteoarthritis.  I’ve worked as a Dietary Clerk at a hospital, worked as a Director of Food Services at a retirement/assisted living/nursing home.  I’ve worked as a Food Service Manager at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, always pushing for dietary reform and education at the school.  I am always learning and science is always evolving. I have read, studied and learned from so many.  It took me so long to get where I am.  I have learned that working on one aspect of one’s life; all the other aspects benefit.  When I started to workout, my diet became cleaner, my self esteem became better, my relationships became more meaningful and the emotional lows became easier to get through. Wellness is a holistic experience.

My Health and Wellness Vision is to connect you to the truth and wisdom inside.  To partner with clients using a collaborative, thought-provoking process to help individuals discover their internal motivations and enhance their overall levels of Health and Well-Being. To be your guide to Wellness, Fitness, & Lifestyle Change.